Hopin Tutorial


Hopin is a live online events platform that replicates an in-person event online, with full-conference features including a Stage for presentations, Expo for virtual vendor booths, Sessions for group breakout discussions, and Networking for automated 1:1 meetings — all in the same place.

For an extended video on features as a Hopin event attendee, watch HERE


Q: What is a Hopin event?

Hosts can create their Hopin events with four types of segments:

  • Stages

  • One-on-ones

  • Sessions

  • Expos


Event attendees can watch live-streamed content (i.e., a webinar, panel discussion, or live-stream from a physical event) while engaging with the speakers and other attendees in the chat.  Sessions are group breakout meetings where attendees can join in a discussion around a topic they’re interested in.

Q: What are sessions?

Sessions are a type of event segment that organizers can choose to give attendees options to join groups. 

This is where our webinars will take place in the platform. Attendees can choose to join a session to watch the discussion and interact in the chat. 

Q: How can I communicate with speakers & other attendees?

Hopin has a chat function! Once you are in the event you can type questions, answer polls, and introduce yourself. There are three ways to interact in the platform:

  • Event Chat - everyone can see your questions and interactions across the entire platform no matter which virtual room you are in

  • Session Chat - when you are attending a session you can interact with the other session attendees and even ask the speaker questions at the end of their talk in the Q&A portion

  • Individual Chat - if you want to messange an attendee privately you can search for them in the "PEOPLE" tab on the farthest right hand side of your screen

TIP: If you are wondering why a red dot is appearing next to a chat tab, it means there is a new message there that you haven't seen yet.

Q: How do I attend a Hopin event?

You can sign up for any Hopin event by going to the registration page of the event you want to attend and clicking "Register". Then choose your ticket type. The 2020 Diverse Automobile & Mobility Summit is FREE to attend. You will receive an email confirmation and an option to "Add to Calendar".

Q: Browser Compatibility?

Google Chrome and Firefox are the browsers Hopin is compatible with. We usually recommend attending the events through your laptop/PC as we don't guarantee it will work well on your mobile phone.

Note: requires recent versions of Chrome and Firefox, and Safari 11 or greater.

Q: What can I do if I am having connectivity issues?

If you are experiencing lack of video clarity, freezing, or connectivity trouble here are a few things you can check:

  • Are you using Chrome or Firefox browsers as mentioned above? These applications work best.

  • Do you have a lot of other windows or tabs open on your computer? You may need to close these to connect better.

  • Is your internet connection over loaded? You can run a check on your internet speed here. This can be caused by too man devices connected to your wifi at a time. If you have an ethernet cable to connect to your laptop that can help speed or you can try disconnecting other devices using the internet

  • You can also try to close out the entire conference and open a new window and log back in.

Q: What can I do if my camera or microphone will not connect for the SPARK B2B?

If you are having trouble connecting your microphone/camera make sure you give Hopin permission to use them. If additional help is needed, below are some troubleshooting options whether you have a Microsoft or Apple device:


  • Open Computer Settings > System > Sound

  • Choose your output (this is how you want to hear the audio ie headphones or built in computer speaker)

  • Choose your input (this is how others hear you ie headphones or built in computer microphone)


  • Open Apple Menu > System Preferences > Sound

  • Choose your output (this is how you want to hear the audio ie headphones or built in computer speaker)

  • Choose your input (this is how others hear you ie headphones or built in computer microphone)

Q: How do I stay up to date on Auto Summit notifications?

Once you have registered for the 2020 Diverse Automobile & Mobility Summit we will have your email to direct immediate updates about the events to you. Any updates or schedule changes will be posted here on the www.diverseautosummit.com website. You can also follow the SRMSDC & EMSDC on our social platforms:

SRMSDC Facebook Instagram | Twitter

EMSDC Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Q: If I am unable to attend a session I am interested in will I have access to it later?

Yes! All of our sessions will be recorded and made available after the Auto Summit is over. You can follow the SRMSDC & EMSDC social accounts and websites for updates.